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Frequently Asked Questions
How does my business benefit with an ecommerce app?
  • You can expand your customer base beyond the current neighbourhood to the entire city
  • You can now build your store brand name across the city
  • Your business can now run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – without changing your store timings.
  • You can increase your business with lesser overhead costs as compared to opening a new store in another area.
  • You can offer your customers the convenience of online shopping or home delivery.
  • You can retain your existing customers who would otherwise have moved some of their purchase to other eCommerce portals
Will the app be on our store name or in the name of Rodeo?

The App will is white labelled – which means it will have your name & logo

How long will it take to create my app?

Once we receive your active item list along with complete data in an excel sheet, we can take your store live on the app in as little as 10 days.

Do we get both Android & iOS app?


Where can our store customers download the app from?

Your customers can download your app from Google Playstore or the iOS App Store

Where is all the sales data stored?

Your sales data & all transaction related date is hosted on the Amazon Cloud Server.

Can our store be accessed from a website?

You & your team can access the admin panel through a website but website access for your customers can be developed by us at an additional cost.

How do I control/manage the app?

We provide a web based control panel which you can access with your username & password. The admin panel gives you complete access & control to manage customer orders

I don’t want every member of my team to have access to all data. Is user access control available?

Yes. Based on the roles you assign to your team members, you can decide who can access different parts of the control panel.

Does the app allow me to communicate with customers?

Yes, you have the option to communicate with them through banners on your app, using push notifications as well through sms notifications happens

How do I update the data in the app?

We work with your POS software to integrate & sync data with the Rodeo App. This allows you to update data in your app. You can also manually export/import the data.

What do you mean by POS integration?

The connect is provided in between your POS & your app to sync the pricing, inventory order & sales data.

How will you integrate my POS with the app?

We will need you to get us the API from your POS vendor to integrate the data from the app.

What will happen if I choose to change the POS system, after having integrated it with my app?

No problem at all. We can integrate your app with your new POS, as long as they can provide us with an API.

How does POS import work?

We will integrate the app with your POS system which will allow you to upload or download any data or reports through your POS.

Do we have to depend on Rodeo team if we need to add any new products?

We have created a very simple feature that allows you to add new products using your admin panel. However, if you do face an issue, our customer support team is available to help you out.

How do I know whether I have received orders on the app?

A notification is sent to you when orders are received. You can also see the orders received status by shifting to admin view in the same mobile app.

Do customers get billed through the app?

Yes, they can see the total value of products they have ordered as well delivery charges, if any. They can opt for cash on delivery or card on delivery.

Do we have to depend on Rodeo team if we need to add any new products?

We have created a very simple feature that allows you to add new products using your admin panel. However, if you do face an issue, our customer support team is available to help you out.

Will Rodeo help me create images for new products I add or for banners for promotions & offers?

Yes. Rodeo offers a service to create new product images or banner artworks. Please contact us for the rate card to avail this service along with the estimated timelines.

Will Rodeo help us on categorise products properly & manage our cataloguing?

Yes, Rodeo’s onboarding process helps properly categorize & name your products. We also help create images & descriptions for all your products

How much does it cost?

There are different plans that you could choose from, depending on the scale your business. Reach out to us, to discuss in detail.

I have multiple branches, Can I manage it more than 1 store with 1 app or do I need multiple apps?

Our app has the provision to manage additional stores through a single app.

How secure is my data?

Rodeo complies with the data privacy laws of the country. Rodeo ensures the confidentiality of your data & has your best interest in mind.

Can I host the store data on my own server?

We do not allow your data to be hosted on your own server. We work only with the best technology & are powered by Amazon Cloud Services & offer you complete data privacy as well as zero app downtime

Do you charge for new features added to the app or app upgrades?

No, we don’t charge customers as long as they have subscribed to our services. You get app upgrades with the latest features free of charge