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The all-in-one E-Commerce solution for the Hyperlocal Business Community

Rodeo sets the standard for easy and secure eCommerce.Β  You can now, compete in today’s digital commerce landscape with ease, through our advanced, cloud hosted platform.

3 simple steps to go online

It’s never been so easy to begin your ecommerce journey!

Step 1: Cataloguing

Get your product catalog built by our intelligent algorithm, with relevant name, description and Hi-Res images based on your store's active sales, purchase data

Step 2: Trial Run

Get a feel of our solution with the trial version of the admin web panel and a white-labelled mobile shopping app. Explore the various features and conveniences, we offer, to get ready for the launch.

Step 3: Go Live

Get your own fully functional Mobile app and the web admin portal. Spread the word to your customers and start your online business. We will be there to support you through out.

Go online in 10 days

What are you waiting for? Start now!

Grow your business by expanding your geographical reach, business hours and saving overhead costs

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